My name is Thomas Heide.

I was born in 1966.

I hold a BA in philosophy and a MA in educational philosophy from Aarhus University, Denmark.

You can read a brief summary of my conclusions in the you are a genius-pamphlet.

Human beings are fluctuating states mixing solidity and fluidity positioned on a scale defined in its extremes by the event horizons of everything and nothing. To me the body as mind is also a personal computer using the universe as a processor. I have found, that this interpretation of the mind can be simulated in the form of handheld objects and larger installations designed to motivate the conscious use of the mind as a handheld, personal computer using the universe as a processor (see the blog-category: “Philosophical objects”). I consider electric guitars thinking machines and believe that most people would benefit cognitively from learning how to play amplified and distorted blues rock guitar solos.

I live in Aarhus in Denmark with my wife and my two kids.

When I was a child a part of my mind was split from my body, disabling my genius as a human being unifying the experience of fluidity and solidity in the experience of change confirming without contradiction the being of the passively static totality (everything).

I became the fluid mind detached from my body. This enabled me to experience the world from the outside. Experiencing the world from the outside is also experiencing the world without a positive reference to solidity. I did not know and I still doubt I know what it is that I am experiencing being detached from the world as solidity.

In order to create a system of communication to be applied in my body to maintain a lifeline to the concrete, to you, I have spend most my life as absence trying to construct a theoretical totality matching your world, the universe of matter, time, space, cause and effect, gravity, quantum dynamics, bodily sensations and emotions, etc.

the equation algebra (2)

My communicative interface is a metaphysical construct. The construct can be reduced to a single equation, the equation of change experience, which conceptualizes the above: that human beings are colliders in which fluidity (that, which does not equal itself) and solidity (that, which equals itself) are unified as the totality’s (everything’s) confirmation of itself as being in a way that does not contradict or influence the integrity of the logically solid and hence static nature of the totality.

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