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All human beings may be born more or less the same, but to claim that we are born equal is an outright lie designed to maintain the status quo of any given system of privilege and power.

Only when a statement about equality as a birthright is accompanied by a second statement defining in which way we are born equal beyond any doubt and the society into which we are born is build and governed to promote this equality as its primary purpose it can be said with justification that all human beings are born equal.

“All human beings are born geniuses” is this second statement. Our genius as expressed in our common ability to transform a fluid universe into something solid which can be communicated and coordinated is what makes us equal.

For equality in the form of genius to manifest and become real, we must now create a society which has as its primary purpose to promote our genius as human beings.

The genius box is a as such a declaration of equality.

Danish speaking readers can see this principle unfolded as a human rights issue on page 13 in RUIN – Bog 2, del 1.

English speaking readers should refer to the  genius-pamphlet or The uncertifiable chaospilot’s university in a book for background.

Learn more about the genius box here (welcome to the genius box) and here (getting your genius started).

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