Introducing the foundation for a new science of change experience and the blueprints for a university for the post atomic human being

Having taken an extreme, uncanny and anonymous path of self-designed learning in part outside the established institutions of science and education, Danish philosopher Thomas Heide has integrated theoretically the universe as unpredictable fluidity and the universe as causally determined solidity in one powerful equation:

(X ≠ X) = (X = X)

The equation states, that for an experience of change to occur, the experience must simultaneously be fluidity (X ≠ X) and solidity (X = X) and that any experience always points towards the experience as a mix of fluidity and solidity AND subsequently that any interpretations of the universe as probability (X ≠ X) or as measurability (X = X) are the simple, yet necessary mutually exclusive PROJECTIONS of the mechanically paradoxical property of experience as change. Thomas Heide calls his discovery “the equation of change experience”.

The radicality of the equation emerges in full when one realizes that the equation BOTH undermines the validity of all known systems of accurate measurement and sustainable prediction AND presents itself as the fundamental and universally governing building block of a new science of change in which the division between the universe as fluid probability and the universe as solid measurability has been effectively annulled.

Apart from a wealth of pictures of philosophical objects and original graphic illustrations, the genius box contains nearly 300 pages in English covering the key aspects of the equation of change experience and more than 700 pages in Danish unfolding the position in detail, all designed, written and edited purposely by Thomas Heide to provide mankind with a logically valid theoretical and practical basis for a new free, scalable and globally applicable educational system incorporating change as the primary property of any experience.

The extraordinary learning path of Thomas Heide and his discoveries about the nature of the relationship between the human body, the human mind and the universe can be studied right here on

Technical documentation for and advanced reference guide to Thomas Heide’s work can be downloaded here:


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