New makeshift workbook ready for download

The new makeshift workbook provides a theoretical and practical foundation for learning in chaos seminars. Click picture to download the workbook.

As a part of a new experimental seminar-design called “Learning in chaos”, a revised set of tools and a makeshift online workbook in English has been assembled. The purpose of the seminar and the workbook is to support you in understanding and living with global overflow and strange effects.

The workbook is a collage of extracts from texts and books available on It is an alternative to the complexity of the website and provides a good starting point for anyone wishing to dive into the philosophy of Thomas Heide and its application as a tool for learning – and living – in chaos.

For access to the complete archive of texts and books by Thomas Heide, please go here.

The new revised toolbox custom made for learning in chaos seminars.
The equation of change experience helps us navigate reality independent of the turmoil of uncertain external contexts. Establishing contrasting positions as the two event horizons on an infinite scale and learning how they merge naturally as change experience (mind state positions on the scale) in our subjective experience creates the theoretical basis of a map of the world ignorant of objective complexity and realtime chaos. Click picture to go to post about “map of the world as change”.