The philosophical objects

As a part of my journey of discovery I have designed and produced a number of philosophical objects. The purpose of these objects is, in a general interpretation, to give you an opportunity to hold in your hand different interactive objective expressions of the way in which unifying collisions of fluidity and solidity determine your position in and experience of an absent universe. Working with the externalisation of metaphysical thoughtprocesses helps testing otherwise exclusively abstract ideas as gravitationally determined artefacts integrated in chronological space time also.

I consider myself the first and most likely also only (selfeducated) philosophical toolmaker in the world.


This introductory link will take you to a short video of a temporary sales-office promoting the objects set up in 2016/2017.

Thomas Heides filosofiske position trækker bl.a. på Jimi Hendrix og Niels Bohr - Foto af Rasmus Lond

A game with no rules (flanked by symbols of the first incarnation, Niels Bohr, the messenger, and the second incarnation Jimi Hendrix, the philosopher)

Universets byggesten i en solid pakke der åbner sig og folder sig ud - foto af Rasmus Lond

The building blocks of the universe

Thomas Heide hævder, at mennesket er det, i hvilket det flydende og det faste kolliderer og forenes - Foto af Rasmus Lond

The fluidity solidity collider (you) objectified by folding a piece of paper in a triangular form and cutting two holes, one circular and one square in one of the sides

The dice of Einstein's god

The dice of Einsteins god (who does not play dice with the universe – at least according to Einstein)

Og som spil uden regler - foto af Rasmus LondIMG_1467

Another game with no rules – based on the nothing-something-everything piece

Ingenting-noget-alting brikken - verdens første håndholdte bevidsthed - foto af Rasmus Lond

The nothing-something-everything piece (the worlds first handheld consciusness: a personal computer using the universe a a processor)

Filosofiske objekter skal pakkes ind i cellofan og smage af sukker, hvis de skal slå an - Foto af Rasmus Lond

Wrapping the object in sparkling and crackling plastic and one-liners did not promote sales…

20160614_180628Chaos compass by Thomas Heie20160614_18082420160614_180723

The chaos navigator includes:


A universal equalizer (probability calculator) for the pocket


Handheld consciousnesses (personal computers using the universe as a processor) in a stockpile


The first objects: Consciousness in a box

Billede1 Installation for WP


The above version of map of the world as change is called  a “university seed”. The system is contained in the box at its bottom that also serves as its stand. In its boxed state the seed can be carried and planted anywhere to promote the growth of a local university for post-atomic human beings.



Map of the world as change in three sizes (7m, 1,1m, and 0,6m and as portable eventhorizons). See “you are a genius“-pamphlet for the practical application of the installation and the artifacts and for the 30 meter installation.





The peoples quantum computer“, first 3D draft, and textbook for conscious quantumcomputers (first draft, in danish only)

Folkets kvantecomputer – færdig udgave. The peoples quantum computer – finalized version.


Human beings gathering on a plane surface in the morning sun