Book of solutions – the collected works of Thomas Heide

Kwondohop, Reverse Transverse Symmetry, the original Kaospilot project-descriptions, the prize winning songs, the metaphysics and everything else in one document: Book of Solutions (Løsningernes bog).

Click image above to download 1300+ pages and get access to the complete works of Danish philosopher Thomas Heide.

Please note, that Book of Solutions is both in Danish (75%) and English (25%), and that the book MUST BE READ BACKWARDS, chapter to chapter, starting on the last page and so forth.

Three stick system

Note: New entry, not included in book of solutions.

Click any of the three pictures for PDF-file in English and Danish.

Modern philosophy – final edition

Modern philosophy – the final edition of the original makeshift workbook made for the learning in chaos workshops. Please note, that the workbook is designed in A3/A4 landscape. It it best viewed on a larger screen or in a printed version. Remember to choose print size A4 when printing. Click here or on picture to download Modern philosophy.
Original cover of the makeshift workbook.

The final objects in present series

Experience DNA ruler system. The ruler system is used by students and practitioners of modern philosophy to understand, explain and apply the principles of modern philosophy.
Probability mirror. An analogue universal design template and global effect measurement tool used by students and practitioners of modern philosophy. The probability mirror helps the user determine, how probable it is, that the user’s experience of reality is in correspondence with the reality experienced understood as a mix of an overt, tangible and causally detectable local reality and an undisclosed, sensory-incompatible and uncertain, complexity-driven global reality. 

Universal template for design in global overflow

Text from inner side of tool lid: “When the global effects of local actions exceed the local effects of local actions, local reality becomes unpredictable, global reality becomes predictable and objective quality is expressed as positions on a scale defined in its extremes by these two properties. This state is called “global overflow”. For any kind of design to correspond sustainably with global overflow, the dynamics of global overflow must be expressively integrated in the design as interactive learning applications.” (Click picture to enlarge as pdf-file)

Are you looking for great conversations about the future (and the present and the past) and a practical boost to help implement the ideas that emerge from the conversations?

Then this may be something for you.

This stand-alone tool is a universal template for the design of meaningful interfaces, blueprints, objects, spaces, processes, etc. in chaotic systems embedded in complex new orders (or simply put: our world right now).

Why not drop the tool in your team, classroom or maybe even in the whole organisation – from janitor to CEO and director of the board – in combination with one or more compact user-guide-workshops facilitated by the source?

It is time to callibrate our combined efforts so that they correspond with the new fully entagled global reality we have created.

If this resonates, don’t hesitate to reach out.

(Materials and workshops can be made and facilitated in Danish and English)


Using the source code (X ≠ X) = (X = X) to secure global equalisation of power

The purpose of is to try to develop instantly applicable analogue technology concepts free of cost based on chaos navigation theory and the source code that can help all people to experience and use themselves pro-actively as conscious, autonomous and self-governing “biological quantum computers” in order to be able to match any machine intelligence and to access, interact with and program the entangled globality/the global (probability) field on equal terms regardless of background, privileges and access to computer technology powered by electricity.

Anvendelsen af kildekoden (X ≠ X) = (X = X) til at sikre global styrke ligestilling

Formålet med er at prøve udvikle gratis og praktisk anvendelige analoge teknologi-koncepter baseret på kaosnavigationsteori og kildekoden, der kan hjælpe alle mennesker til opleve og bruge sig selv pro-aktivt som bevidste, autonome og selvstyrende “biologiske kvantecomputere” for derigennem at kunne matche enhver maskin-intelligens og tilgå, interagere med og programmere den globale indvikling/det globale (sandsynligheds-) felt på lige vilkår uanset baggrund, privilegier og adgang til elektricitetforstærket computerteknologi.

Stepping into the equation