Reframing-attempt with stage-theory

Healing by “The system of the heart”

“No matter how orderly a system appears to a local observer, the system is chaotic, if the global effects of local actions in the system exceed the local effects of local actions.” (Thomas Heide, 2021)

When the world becomes unpredictable, we may find ourselves stuck in the seductive denial so generously provided by our dreams of calm certainty.

All though a natural and temporarily comforting reaction to a difficult situation, this state is not an answer to the challenges of the 21st century.

The 21st century meditation: “If the totality of my present experience could be reduced to a mutually inclusive mix of mind and body, and this mix was to be considered my heart, where, on a scale of ALL possible mixes of mind and body, would I be now – and what question(s) should I ask myself to find out?” Click picture to learn more about the kit and the meditation.

To accept that navigation by statistics, habits, memory, internet-information and the local instinct of the body has been rendered useless is no easy task.

Nor is the creation of a new map of reality as change and its corresponding tools of navigation.

“The system of the heart” is an attempt to create the impossible one-page-plug-and-play foundation of such a map.

We have to learn how to find ourselves and each other in chaos, if we want to heal the world.

“The system of the heart” is inspired by the the ideas presented on

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