When the global effects of local actions exceed the local effects of local action, global overflow results in local indeterminism. Plotting our positions as probabilities in infinite probability in map of the world as change secure sustainable communication in local indeterminism. 21st century philosophy (spacetime mechanics) provides the theoretical foundation for researching the possibility of creating sustainable communication in indeterminate local everyday reality in the form of the DNA-sequencer of the subjective experience of indeterminism: The equation of change experience, (X ≠ X) = (X = X). Slowmotion UNIVERSE is a card game based on the equation of change experience. The purpose of the game is to make available to the general public a universally valid and directly applicable investigative tool promoting the development of the questions we must ask to plot our positions in map of the world as change and/or other formulas for precise plotting. Click on picture for enlargement.
Change experience DNA sequencer and map of the world as change. To be used in conjunction with slowmotion UNIVERSE.