The 21st century philosophy workshop script

An attempt to answer concretely in a practical, functional, fun, acitivity-motivating and generally applicable way the abstract theoretical question: “How do we sequence our life experience in a meaningful way when everyday reality becomes infinite indeterministic probability?”

The free 21 century philosophy workshop script is a good way to get into the mind of the philosopher and to discover your potential benefits of the work. Click picture to read and download.

Welcome to the webpage of Danish philosopher Thomas Heide. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a set of thinking tools supporting your interaction with the universe as probability also. A good way to get into mind of the philosopher and to discover your potential benefits of the work is to download his original and free workshop script. The script is a quick guide into Newton’s broken universe, the philosophers alternate build proposal and a layout of your possible path through the transformation. Enjoy the trip.

The learning process overview is included in the workshop script. Click on picture to enlarge.
The equation of change experience (X ≠ X) = (X = X) states that all experience can be reduced to functions of the two basic properties change and standstill in the form of mutually inclusive mixes of these two properties and that these mixes can be interpreted as quantifiable fluctuating positions (something/DNA) on an infinite scale defined in its extremes by the event horizons of respectively change (nothing/that which is absent) and standstill (everything/that which is present). You must use representative imitations of your mix states on the scale of change experience to sequence your path through probability and apply the sequence as a key to communication and plotting of probable positions and navigation in infinite probability. (Click picture to browse the first text collection about the equation)
Sequencing and summarizing the DNA of change experience. Theoretical example. Four different paths of probability (sequences) stacked on top of each other as a communication key. The sequences can be used to prescribe ideal communicative styles and objective references/pointers for the parties involved. The quality ( the malfunction/un-intendedness) of the communication that may have occurred internally in each path and between the paths can be used to determine/extract the actual positions (points of transit) of the probabilities in the individual paths and settle a sequence.
Probabilities in probability. Slowmotion UNIVERSE starter pack. The gauge. The game. The map. Measure. Play. Navigate. Click picture to go to game-post.