The problem

Global overflow. Indeterministic global effects flow undetected into and influence local determinism. Click on picture to download transcript of five of the central posts on this website.
When the global effects of local actions exceed the local effects of local actions, the overflow of global effects contaminates local determinism and disables classical mechanics. To secure theoretical equal opportunity for all, all must learn how to navigate indeterministic locality with the same sense of consciousness and control as all are presently navigating deterministic locality.

If this is the problem, what is the solution?

If the problem is that our local and predictable reality is becoming simultaneously local and predictable and global and unpredictable, we will need to learn how to navigate reality simultaneously as both deterministic (predictable) and unpredictable (indeterministic).

This requires that we access a set of skills we are all born with and already use all the time – unconsciously.

Before the global overflow we could rely on the sensory input of our bodies and our intuitive understanding of cause and effect when making short and long term predictions and implementing strategies of action accordingly.

When there is global overflow, reality becomes indeterminate and starts to behave as probability.

Since reality is fundamentally probabilistic (that which changes is not there) this is not new to us. Mastery of change as absence is a natural, innate and life-preserving instinct of all human beings.

What is new to us is that we have to activate and apply consciously our ability to navigate reality as “probabilities in probability” and subsequently how to find each other and communicate constructively in this state while maintaining a stable position in determinate reality as well.

I have tried to identify some preliminary points of entrance to the complex. I have also designed a basic set of instruments for learning and research (philosophical objects).

My attempts to define the problem and how to solve it is expressed by in its totality.

You can see the raw outline for a theoretical solution to the problem here: The equation of change experience and Heide’s constant.

You can see the raw outline for a practical solution to the problem here: Map of the world as change.

You can see my points of entrance here: Philosophy (Danish and English texts).

You can see my instruments for learning and research here: Philosophical objects.

You can see a gamified bootcamp for understanding, entering and living in reality as probability in the form of a card game here: slowmotion UNIVERSE.

Songwriting and electric guitar blues solos have been central tools of my reflective journey into and out of the universe and back again. A reduced catalogue of my songs in both Danish and English are included as methodical documentation.

If you want to help, I will be happy to get you started. Lectures, workshops and courses in spacetime mehcanics can be designed according to your context. Also, you can download all the written materials on the website for free. Note that some materials are in Danish only.

The problem: Global effects overflow. The theoretical and practical solution: 21st century philosophy (spacetime mechanics).