The angel inside me (self portrait, 2021)
Before the universe broke… (Photo: Paul Clay)
The intuition… (Click on picture to enlarge)
The insomnia… Slowing down the universe. (Click on picture to go to game)
The reintegration… (Click on picture for full résumé – in danish only)
The statement… We have to leave the Newtonian universe behind and step into our primary identities as pure probability if we want to transcend the trouble we are creating for ourselves and the planet relying exclusively on the causally determined intuition of our bodies. Only then will we be in a position from which we can objectively manipulate that which is addicted to gravity. I brought the universe to a near halt to study its most basic properties and discovered that all experience can be reduced to fluctuating functions of change and standstill and that experience as such has a quantifiable DNA we can use to position ourselves and navigate as probabilities in infinite probability. Click picture to enlarge.
The future-wall. Click picture to enlarge.