Philosophical objects

Portable quantum computer to the people (the space time mechanic’s toolbox).
VIDEO: Exhibition of selected objects. Click on picture to watch video.
Thomas Heides filosofiske position trækker bl.a. på Jimi Hendrix og Niels Bohr - Foto af Rasmus Lond
A game with no rules flanked by representations of the philosophers Niels Bohr and Jimi Hendrix. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Universets byggesten i en solid pakke der åbner sig og folder sig ud - foto af Rasmus Lond
The building blocks of the universe. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Fluiditiy solidity collider.
Thomas Heide hævder, at mennesket er det, i hvilket det flydende og det faste kolliderer og forenes - Foto af Rasmus Lond
Fluidity solidity collider. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
The dice of Einstein's god
The dices of Einstein’s god. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Genius bridge.
Og som spil uden regler - foto af Rasmus Lond
More games with no rules Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Menneskebrikken/The human piece (Click picture to read pamphlet in Danish).
Ingenting-noget-alting brikken - verdens første håndholdte bevidsthed - foto af Rasmus Lond
The nothing-something-everything piece (also “the human piece”). The world’s first hand held consciousness. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Humans on a plane surface in the morning sun.
Filosofiske objekter skal pakkes ind i cellofan og smage af sukker, hvis de skal slå an - Foto af Rasmus Lond
Sales promotion: Handheld consciousnesses and books wrapped in cellophane. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Chaos compass by Thomas Heie
Chaos Navigator. The Chaos Navigator contains: Chaos Compass, Chaos Activator, Super Intelligence Motivator and manual: “The uncertifiable chaospilot’s university in a book”.
A universal probability calculator in pocket size. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Consciousnesses in a pile. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Det første objekt: Bevidsthed i en kasse/The first object: Consciousness in a box. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Map of the world as change, large scale exhibition installation. Photo: Rasmus Lond.
Installation for WP
Workshop edition. Map of the world as change. Five groups can work with small, handheld versions of the map before entering the equation in a full size version fitting human bodies.
Map of the world as change (university seed). Folds into the footing to be planted anywhere. 
Map of the world as change/map of the mind as body.
Map of the world as change for table discussion.
Map of the world as change in multiple sizes. See the “you are a genius” pamphlet for information and for a supplementary draft for a 30 meter long outdoor installation.
The peoples quantum computer. Prototype.
The space time mechanic’s tool box (the people’s quantum computer finalized).