The practical solution: Map of the world as change

Summary: Imagine that any subjective individual human experience can be reduced to shifting mixes of fluidity and solidity, and that each of us have learned how to translate a specific temporarily locked mix of our individual experience into a position on a scale defined in its two extremes by the event horizons of respectively fluidity and solidity. If this was true and we all had access to a smart phone with an application simulating that scale and we all simultaneously plotted our individual positions on the scale in this app, then the picture of dots on the scale would be the most precise map of the world as change experience it is possible to produce. Learning how to plot our positions as mixes of fluidity and solidity on this scale and learning how to read and understand the combined plots of the scale as it fluctuates in time would be to discover the world as it really is and hence also the beginning of an era in which our understanding of ourselves and our context would be as close to reality as it can get. It would be the beginning of the era of correspondence and consequently also potentially an era of near infinite sustainability.

Conclusion: The questions we ask should be constructed in such a way, that the answers can always be interpreted as a mix of fluidity and solidity also. If human experience of change as density can be reduced to mixes of fluidity and solidity, these mixes are the closest we come to a DNA for the answers that should be the base for the structure of our questions. If the answer of a question can be translated into a mix of fluidity and solidity and hence placed accordingly on a scale defined in its extremes by the event horizons of fluidity and solidity, the question is a true (truth equals infinite sustainability) statement in itself and the answer a confirmation of the property of measurable macroscopic probability as a definition and map of human experience and as such of the world as change.

(Please note that the map-of-the-world-as-change-application presented in the following is a prototype presented exclusively to prove the principle and for demonstrational purposes only. It is a prototype dummy and does not function properly.)

Preliminary web-based prototype of map of the world as change as computer application. Click on picture to go to app.

If you are using a smartphone (android works best), you must 1) open the link, 2) add the application to the homescreen of your phone as a direct link and 3) open the application from the direct link on your homescreen (in its horizontal position) to get the intended funtionality of the prototype.

Preliminary web-based prototype of map of the world as change as phone application. Please read the instructions above before clicking on picture to go to app.

Long term perspective: The equation of change experience is a periodic system with only two basic elements (properties), change (fluidity as property) and stasis (solidity as property), creating in mutually including conjunction all potential versions of reality in the form of experience.

If we learn to ask the questions enabling us to use map of the world as change to create blueprints or stamps corresponding with our experiences of reality, a reverse engineered version of map of the world as change might make it possible for us to to reset our individual or/and collective change experience to any position desired, hence opening up to “travelling” freely in the probability field of everyday life and as such, effectively bringing meaning and weight to the essence and punchline of the work presented on this website: bye-bye spacetime!

Map of the world as change (data illustration type is for demonstrational purposes only). The map is a constantly shifting depiction of the world as a function of fluidity and solidity as expressed by any given number individuals repeatedly plotting their fluctuating experience-reduced-to-fluidity-solidity-mix-positions on the scale of change experience as defined by the equation of change experience: (X ≠ X) = (X = X). The equation is explained in depth here.
Click on picture to watch VIDEO: the philosopher’s first introduction to his brand new map of the world (as change) in 2015.